And when I tell you those brown eyes just a melts me up inside…

Babysitting. And of course she demanded a photoshoot after I put a braid in her hair to match mine.

greeds asked: I appreciate that your whole blog is pictures of you, because, well, you're pretty hot.

LOL. Certainly unintentional though. But I do appreciate the compliment, shnookums. :-*

imstillhigh asked: Where the hell have you been mama?

Horrible blogger I am. But I’ve been… around. Nice of you to miss me. <3

My weave looks like straight raccoon ass in 10.1 megapixels, I am aware.

Oh, herro. Just a monthly reminder of what my mug looks like. As you were.

Click for Higher Resolution.

mildnarcissism asked: Where have you been?! I mished ya.

Tell me anything! No but I’m clearly a sucky blogger or whatever you’d like to call it. That & I’m computerless so I can’t really utilize this shit outside of the browser on my phone. Forgive me, yez?